martes, julio 18, 2006

AMIA 12 años - AMIA 12 years

Hoy fuimos al acto por el doceavo aniversario de la voladura del edificio de AMIA en Buenos Aires por Hezbollah, y dirigido por Irán. Para refrescar la memoria, la AMIA era el centro comunitario principal de la comunidad judía argentina, y adentro se hacían cosas tan terribles como actividades culturales, museos, muestras artísticas, arreglos para entierros y un centro de empleo.

Este año me pareció que teníamos que dar una muestra de solidaridad también con Israel, ya que es el mismo Hezbollah la organización terrorista que está tirando cohetes contra mi segundo hogar, así que fuimos con banderas israelíes. La comunidad judía argentina está todavía envuelta en miedo, siempre queriendo pasar desapercibida o invisible. Esto es parte una consecuencia de tantos años de dictaduras antisemitas. Pero ya basta! Yo ya vi como la comunidad judía norteamericana se mueve y está orgullosa de sí misma. Llevan banderas y carteles de Israel y norteamerica. Estoy viviendo en un país donde ser judío es como el aire que respirás. Entonces repito, básta! Estamos orgullosos de ser judíos y argentinos y en mi caso particular agrego también de ser israelí. Salgamos del armario, como se dice. Israel necesita nuestro apoyo ahora y nosotros necesitamos el apoyo de Israel. Nuestros enemigos son los mismos.

He posteado dos videos que tomé en el acto en memoria. Aquí están:

También unas fotos:

1. El nuevo edificio de la AMIA.

2. Nosotros.

3. Justicia.

4. El edificio de la AMIA con los nombres de los asesinados en los ataques.

5. Más justicia.

6. Volviendo a casa.

Today we went to the 12th anniversary of the bombing of the AMIA building in Buenos Aires by Hezbollah, and directed by Iran. To refresh memories, the AMIA was the central Jewish community center in Argentina, and inside were done such terrible things as cultural activities, museums, art exhibitions, burial arrangements and an employment center.

This year I thought that we had to give a show of solidarity also with Israel, since it is the same Hezbollah the terrorist organizations that is lobbing rockets against my second home, so we went with Israeli flags. The Argentinian Jewish community is still shrouded in fear, always trying to remain invisible. This is partly a consequence of Argentina's many years of antisemitic dictatorship. But enough! I've seen how the Jewish American community is proud of herself. They carry flags and banners of Israel and America. I am living in a country where being Jewish is like the air you breath. Enough, I say! We are proud of being Jewish and Argentinians and myself I add that I am proud of being Israeli too. Lets get out of the closet. Israel needs our support now, and we need Israel's support also. Our enemies are the same enemies.

I have posted two videos I took in the remembrance ceremony. I will translate what they say in Spanish for English-speaking readers.


[ requests] against several Iranian citizens, that, however, Interpol decided not to give them the priority and importance that they should have had. What do we wait to break up diplomatic relations with Iran, and position ourselves in the vanguard of an exemplifying action in a free and democratic world?

The fight against international terrorism must find nations and peoples united behind a common objective. Terrorism wants to eliminate what is different. It is totalitarian and murderous. It must be denounced and fought. We must not tolerate its presence in our country. In every international forum our country should denounce the countries that tolerate, support and found it.

We were first. Then [terrorism] came to other cities in the world like New York, London and Madrid. How are we to explain the irrational barbarism that lashes out against the state of Israel in Haifa, in Nahariya, in Tzfat and in other cities? It's the Hezbollah; twelve years ago we were stricken by the same murderous hand. It is the same people who say "no" to life.

Of all the massive crimes carried out by the international terrorism, the two that happened in our country are among the few that couldn't be duly clarified, and one of the main causes of shame of the Argentinian society is that the authorities have helped cover up the guilty people.


[...] they kill to provide with power those who lead the terrorist organizations, and more influence to the countries that support them.

We want to be clear in a concept that we said many times and that today we want to repeat: there is no good terrorism and bad terrorism according to who is attacking. They are all murderous. I repeat, they are all murderous!

This is also not a fight between weak and strong or between oppressed and oppressors. They are just actions of murderers, who want to imposse their beliefs through death.

In this sense, we must denounce again Iran, whose government had no qualms saying that the state of Israel must be wiped out from the map, and if this wasn't enough, insulted the civilized world by denying the reality of the worst crime ever committed in the history of the world, which was the Holocaust. Those declarations disturbed us but did not surprise us. The world knows what Iran is.

The world must also know what is Hezbollah. It is a terrorist organization disguised as a political party. The world must clearly understand that in a democracy there is no room for a political party that has an armed wing dedicated to terrorist activities. This must also be understood by the Argentinian government immediately, if it is not yet made clear.

Also some pictures:

1. The new AMIA building.

2. We.

3. Justice.

4. The AMIA building with the names of the murdered in the bombing.

5. Justice.

6. Going home.