martes, mayo 02, 2006

Mis canciones favoritas 2 / My favorite songs 2

Otra canción argentina más (si esto parece contradictorio con el poema de Borges, pregúntenle a Borges o a Charly...a mí no). Apreten el botón de play para escucharla.

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Seru Girán - "Desarma y Sangra"
del album "Bicicleta" (1980)

Tu tiempo es un vidrio
tu amor un fakir, mi cuerpo una aguja
tu mente un tapiz.
Si las sanguijuelas no pueden herirte
no existe una escuela que enseñe a vivir.

El angel vigía descubre al ladrón
le corta las manos,
le quita la voz,
la gente se esconde
o apenas existe,
se olvida del hombre, se olvida de Dios.

Miro alrededor,
heridas que vienen, sospechas que van
y aquí estoy
pensando en el alma que piensa
y por pensar no es alma,
desarma y sangra

Yet another Argentinian song (if it seems a contradiction with the poem by Borges, then ask Borges or Charly...not me). The context of the song was the Argentinian dictatorship and many things had to be written carefully and using euphemisms to pass the censorship. Sometimes verses don't mean anything, and they just fill with poetry, and next to them there is a politically charged verse. Press the play button to listen.

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Seru Girán - "Desarma y Sangra" (Disarms and bleeds)
from the album "Bicicleta" (Bicycle) (1980)

Your time is a glass
Your love a fakir, my body a needle
your mind a tapestry.
If the leeches cannot hurt you
there is no school that teaches to live.

The watching angel finds the thief
cuts his hands,
take his voice,
people hide
or almost doesn't exist,
forget aboout man, forget about God.

I look around,
wounds that come, suspicions that go
and here I am
thinking in the soul that thinks
and because it thinks is not soul,
disarms and bleeds.