jueves, febrero 02, 2006

Sionistas por todos lados!

La orga islámica MPACUK (Muslim Public Affairs Committee) de Gran Bretaña ha descubierto la razón de la publicación de las caricaturas de Mahoma. Fueron los Sionistas!

"We knew there must be some hidden agenda to this attack. it wasn't a genuine stand for free speech. Europeans in general do not do this sort of thing. It was an alert member of the public, who posted on our comments section that first tipped us off to the Israeli connection to the attacks on the Prophet PBUH. The brothers name is Bilal Patel and his comment is tucked away in the hundreds of comments and emails we have had on our site. We thank him for being vigilant in this Jihad! Here MPACUK exposes for the first time in Britain the Zionist owner of the paper and his hidden hand behind the attack on the Prophet PBUH.
Once again MPACUK are the first Muslim group to get to the truth. Imagine readers if only our mosques were as vigilant and active, 2000 groups would be protecting the Ummah instead of one. Proving once again that Zionists are the biggest cause of Islamaphobia in the world today. Please do not fall into "non Muslims" hate us trap that they want you too. Blame the perpertrators of the attack and wake up to their evil. The general European is as ignorant as you are of who and why the paper is attacking the Prophet PBUH. "

Así que los sionistas están en todo. Los israelíes son sionistas, los europeos son sionistas, las caricaturas son sionistas, los americanos son sionistas, incluso el MPAC es sionista, vos sos sionista, yo soy sionista y el Profeta...bueno, el Profeta Mahoma se la pasó hablando con judíos demasiado tiempo como para que nos quedemos tranquilos.

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