viernes, enero 20, 2006

Poppy Seeds!

No era sólo un invento de la serie Seinfeld (capítulo The Showerhead), donde a Elaine el jefe la consideraba una adicta al opio por comer muffins con semillas de amapola.

The office of the military advocate general and the Military Police were recently involved in an embarrassing affair in which soldiers were suspected of using heroin and morphine - which turned out to be nothing more than plain poppy seeds found on everyday rolls.

The affair began in November, when tests conducted on soldiers at a Medical Corps base in the south revealed traces of opiates in the urine of three female and two male soldiers. The findings of subsequent and more comprehensive laboratory tests appeared to substantiate the suspicions against the three female soldiers.

Two of the soldiers were arrested early this month (the third was on leave at the time), and they vehemently denied the accusations. Questioning of the two revealed that on the day of the urine tests, they had eaten bread rolls covered in poppy seeds.

Fuente: Haaretz, 20 de enero de 2006

Tres soldados israelíes (mujeres) se comieron unos días en cana por sospecha de que eran adictas a la heroína o morfina, pero en realidad simplemente habían comido unos arrolladitos con semillas de amapola.