sábado, julio 16, 2005

Quejándome a The Sun

El diario británico The Sun publicó esta nota en la cual señalan los peores ataques terroristas en los últimos 12 años y en los cuales, no aparecen ataques contra Israel (Israel no tiene número). Mirár el gráfico:

Este es el intercambio de cartas que tuve hasta ahora con un representante del diario.

Dear Newspaper The Sun:

In your article named "Evil across our planet"

how come the only country that has sustained continuous terrorist attacks since 2000 does not appear? I mean Israel is missing from your list.

Is this a policy of The Sun, making Israeli suffering dissapear from your newspaper? I think we are people just like everybody else, don´t you think?

Hamas is not a terrorist group? Islamic Jihad is not a terrorist group? Hizbollah is not a terrorist group? Killing of Israeli civilians by members of these groups is not terrorism?

I really demand a public apology in the newspaper for the bias in your article.

Fabian Glagovsky
Rishon LeTzion


Dear Reader

Your complaint regarding the sketch map we published on July 8th has been referred to me.
The map and list of atrocities was never intended to be definitive. As the report stated: “Here we highlight some of the worst atrocities.”
Additionally, it would have been impossible to record the enormous number of terrorist attacks within Israel itself. We did, of course, refer to attacks on Israelis outside Israel under bullet points 11, 16 and 22.
I should also point out that we made no reference to terrorist attacks in the Indian sub-continent.
Finally, any regular reader of The Sun can be in no doubt of our unswerving support for the State of Israel and our condemnation of terrorist attacks against it.

Best wishes.
Yours sincerely
William Newman

Sun Ombudsman
Ms Roshan Avari
Secretary to Letters Editor
The Sun
1 Virginia Street
London E98 1SL


Dear William Newman:

It is nice that The Sun considers that attacks against civilian airplanes, hotels and sinagogues are terrorist attacks even though they are Israeli or Jewish targets.

As for the lack of references to terrorist attacks in the Indian sub-continent you mentioned, two wrongs doesn´t make one right. Should I forward your reply to my Indian friends to see if they are as pleased as me with The Sun´s lack of concern for their plight?

I still don´t get the logic behind your statements. For one part you say that The Sun made a list of only "some of the worst atrocities". On the other hand The Sun left unmentioned terrorist attacks against Israel´s because they are too many. Don´t you find a paradox in here?

A simple number stating the number of Israeli victims since the start of the suicide bombings campaign in the year 1994 to date would have been enough for me and for the readers to be satisfied and it would have been unbiased and accurate information. Don´t you think?

Fabian Glagovsky
Rishon LeTzion

Bueno. Según Honest Reporting las cartas de la gente funcionaron, y The Sun publicó lo siguiente en la nota (la cual ya ha desaparecido y ha pasado a archivo):

We have not included the unforgivable Palestinian terror attacks and suicide bombings in Israel due to their sheer number.
Quejarse funciona (aunque siempre tarde).

Y ahora que lo veo, tampoco aparece el ataque a la AMIA. Quizás porque los culpables no han sido identificados. Igual alguno de ustedes tiene dudas?